Octobers Winning Cake!

A little while ago I promised that every month I would choose my favourite cake.

Without further ado then here is my choice from Octobers many bakes…

A cake with a difference!

This cake was requested by a customer for her daughter’s birthday and is a little bit different as not only did it have to be egg free it was also to be modelled on the little girls favourite soft toy!


Being a stickler for detail I persevered, and this is the finished result!


I hope you agree that this is a good likeness – the birthday girl certainly did!

Octobers Offerings

Wow, what a busy month October was!


With a family holiday in the offing I was determined to ‘cut back’ on the amount of cake creations that month – I can never disappoint though so, with some very long days (and nights), I completed a delectable range of bespoke bakes!

Judging by  the reactions of my clients I am so, so glad I did!

With a full range of bakes in a variety of delicious flavours it seemed October was the month of birthdays – with an age range from the beautiful Poppy for her first birthday to a proper young lady Nikki on reaching her 18th all the way up to another milestone birthday of 65 for a regular customer, Ian!

As you can see there are many in between and I (and the recipients) are delighted with them.

An added extra this month was the creation of two sugar moulded, hand crafted Bingo ladies ….. wobble wobble.


Christening cakes

Baby’s special day.


We have written about weddings, of course birthday’s and in fact so much in between – these I don’t think have been covered yet.

Pretty in pink or baby blue, these christening cakes are made with love, made to be admired and made to be unforgettable.

Obviously not just for babies (or limited to pink and blue) we can create your vision just for you.

Check out the stunning selection below.

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Cupcakes for every occasion

Cupcakes everywhere!


Perfect presents! These bespoke cupcakes really do cover a multitude of occasions – from thank you gifts, get well soon presents and even as a ‘cheat’ for coffee mornings!

With a huge variety available in lots of flavours and styles – we love the Oreo cupcakes – which will you choose.

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Here’s a selection!

Chocolate Heaven

Calling all you chocoholics!


Despite lots of available flavours the most requested has to be chocolate, made to our secret recipe this sponge just so moist and delicious!

A lot of the time the sponge is hidden beneath whichever themed creation has been requested – sometimes however it is very blatant!

Check out the slideshow of some of chocolate masterpieces – spaces booking up fast so make sure you get your order in to avoid disappointment.

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Cakes for the boys

One for the boys


Cakes seem to be synonymous with females – true they probably are the instigators in sourcing and ordering them, but, with the right detail, cakes really can be ‘one for the boys’.

From specialist sports (nope we did the football one the other day so that’s staying off) to, quite frankly, risqué versions!!

Have a look through the slideshow – can’t see what you like? Bespoke Bakes live up to their name and will create your very own unique confection!!

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Age is Just a Number

Number cakes.


We’ve been showcasing some of our more ‘one off’ cakes recently, how about, for this blog, we concentrate on a more staple of creation – the number cake!

Sometimes, when you’re put on the spot to choose a cake your mind goes blank – never fear the number cake is here! Instant success, add to it the things the reciprocant  loves the best and you have a recipe for success!!

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One for the ladies

Handbags at dawn!

chanel cake

Something I get asked for very often is cakes created into bags! Handbags, shopping bags, make-up bags and more!

Working with the client to ascertain their favourite design or store they are something I love to do.

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Recently I undertook a special bag for a regular client – their daughter constantly has packages delivered so what better than a cake to honour this!

Having created lots of bags before I have to say this is the first time I’ve been asked to make a plastic packaging cake and, to be honest, I really wasn’t convinced!!

Baked in a delicious strawberry flavoured sponge, layered with jam and buttercream, covered in pink icing and decorated with the companies insignia it actually looked great – phew!

So delighted was the young lady that upon ‘tweeting’ the picture to the company she received shopping vouchers and I got global recognition!

Character cakes.

Character cakes

rainbow sponge cake

Every little girl and boy has their own favourite TV show, containing their ‘very best’ character, this can make it so easy for parents when deciding what to do for this year’s birthday cake!

I love to do these, to receive photos from the parents of the child receiving their dream cake makes me very happy!

I can undertake anything you like and there are so many options to choose from, I love to design my own bespoke creations based upon your vision and am certain you will be delighted with the end results!

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football celebration cakes

Football Fever


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When it comes to choosing a birthday cake for your child what do you go for?

What do they like? Novelty characters? Numbers? Football?

Aha! Football!

At Bespoke Bakes it is probably one of the favourites amongst the boys and we have produced so many of them, each one personalised to both the child and, of course, their choice of team.

With lots of design options and, more importantly flavours to choose from, make your son (or indeed daughter) a very happy football fan!