Octobers Winning Cake!

A little while ago I promised that every month I would choose my favourite cake.

Without further ado then here is my choice from Octobers many bakes…

A cake with a difference!

This cake was requested by a customer for her daughter’s birthday and is a little bit different as not only did it have to be egg free it was also to be modelled on the little girls favourite soft toy!


Being a stickler for detail I persevered, and this is the finished result!


I hope you agree that this is a good likeness – the birthday girl certainly did!

Octobers Offerings

Wow, what a busy month October was!


With a family holiday in the offing I was determined to ‘cut back’ on the amount of cake creations that month – I can never disappoint though so, with some very long days (and nights), I completed a delectable range of bespoke bakes!

Judging by  the reactions of my clients I am so, so glad I did!

With a full range of bakes in a variety of delicious flavours it seemed October was the month of birthdays – with an age range from the beautiful Poppy for her first birthday to a proper young lady Nikki on reaching her 18th all the way up to another milestone birthday of 65 for a regular customer, Ian!

As you can see there are many in between and I (and the recipients) are delighted with them.

An added extra this month was the creation of two sugar moulded, hand crafted Bingo ladies ….. wobble wobble.